in photographing the looped and coiled blue 'hosepipe' in the shop window, I also captured a cloudy sky, and the reflected street.
Wako window reflections:
Visual artist and wordsmith, with a passion for raising awareness of our emotional intelligence, our environment and its created geography; for greater engagement with Universal Design, Human Kindness and Hope.
Sharing some of the myriad words and ideas that pop into my head; tinkering with language, with visual images and 3d creations, is how I make sense of life, love and creation.
Seeing more of the world, and being in Japan on a regular basis, gives me reasons to keep believing in possibilities. In sharing my admiration for much that is Japanese, I am aware that I do it from a position of privilege.
I hope that, while focusing on individual detail and expression, my practice also has something universal to say about the human condition.