between escapes


a spread of white muslin covered from the midground to the distance in feathery shipets of the same white fabric. Sharply focused in the forground the image fades to black in the unfocused background.
Remnant feathers, aftermath of angels

Most of my sculpture involves white muslin. Playing with the fabric and the tiny offcut shapes reminded me of wings – bird wings and angel wings – fact and fiction, the here and now and the not yet…


Between my escapes to Japan, there is life in UK.

I write, I draw and I sculpt my way forward. I have exhibitions, I make an effort not to create in isolation. I blog and tweet.

And I stack up a load of stuff that I think about sharing, but get riddled by doubts…life is so full of fleeting moments and I’m not sure I want to freeze them in the public domain. But equally, the public domain is so full of the concrete and the fixed that I enjoy the experience of some ephemeral, briefly held thoughts and ideas on their way to becoming; ideas in the process of forming, capacity in the process of growing. I’m working my way towards a new exhibition – exploring notions of reality, possibilities in evolution, conversations on kindness. I’m writing, making and watching connections form and reform on their way towards a state where I will let go of them.

I will let go hoping they will make their own connections, spark thoughts and ideas in other minds, speak unknown languages of meaning and emotion to strangers I will never meet:



I seek in vain

the wonder,

the small and obvious

wonder that currently escapes

my frozen brain,

but one day soon

the: ‘ahhh yes why

couldn’t I

think of that’

will envelop me

in its own familiar



Right here, right now

I know that miracles

are stuffed with joy

and that, when joy

spills thin over days

and dark empty nights

miracles cease to exist.

The stoic plodding

of fate appears

like a handrail, a grab-rail,

something to cling to,

a tool to temper hope;

to keep it

from breaking

your heart.